NanoTouch Founders Vision

"Cleaner Surfaces for a Healthier World" isn't just a tagline for NanoTouch. It's a goal...a vision of a better world. A world where self-cleaning surfaces don't use heavy metals or diluted poisons that can wind up in the environment. NanoTouch impacts lives, but the benefits of NanoSeptic surfaces don't stop there.  It's a green approach toward creating a stronger, healthier planet.

Beyond the technology, we genuinely believe in the value of the messages our products deliver. People want to feel safe and secure. People want to know that there is a safer place to touch...a safer place to rest their personal items. Businesses that deploy NanoTouch can deliver that feeling. It's not just about the favorable lab results, it's also about perception and emotion.

Society may already be using too many antibiotics and antimicrobials, possibly contributing to the rise of resistant strains of microbes and weaker immune systems. We're not out to create a sterile world. We want to foster better, safer environments in which to live, work, learn and play. We've embraced a focused approach - enabling cleaner surfaces to exist exactly where and when they are needed.


Dennis Hackemeyer and Mark Sisson