Restaurants and Food Service

nanoseptic-door-pushpad-closeupNanoSeptic products don't just provide your guests with self cleaning surfaces, they provide a visible way for them to know you care. In the competitive world of hospitality, tourism and travel, customer perception plays a huge role. Restaurants aren't only judged by the quality of their food and wait staff. Patrons also form an opinion about the cleanliness of their dining environment.

And our travel mats provide additional opportunities to affect public perception of dining establishments as a safer place for guests to rest silverware. NanoTouch also has self-cleaning menu sleeves as well as printing of self-cleaning menus. Contact us for more information about these custom products.

Standard NanoTouch™ products include table setting mats, place mats and bar mats. Other items include door push pads and handle wraps for restrooms and other public area doorways.

And as a promotional item, offer a NanoTouch travel mat for guests to take with them, custom branded with your restaurant's logo and message, extending your brand outside your facility. Imagine a customer using your branded mat in someone elses restaurant, because "Our restaurant is clean, but you can't be sure about the next place you eat."

If there are applications not listed here that you'd like to see, please contact us. In addition to custom branding, our product development team will work with you to create the right size and message for your custom application. contact us