Benefits Multiple Departments


Infection Preventionist


Environmental Services

Continuously self-cleaning with no human intervention and no special protocols to follow. nanotouch-bullet  nanotouch-bullet
Safely and easily applied to contact surfaces such as door push plates and bars, patient room vanities, bedrails, carts, tray tables, reception desks and nursing stations.  nanotouch-bullet
Superhydrophilic surface that is easy to clean and hard for dirt and contaminants to adhere to.  nanotouch-bullet
Does not rely on the diligence or quality of performance of cleaning personnel. nanotouch-bullet nanotouch-bullet 
Begins self-decontaminating after every touch as opposed to surfaces that are cleaned but immediately start becoming contaminated. nanotouch-bullet  nanotouch-bullet
Not affected by routine cleaning. nanotouch-bullet
No chemicals, heavy metals, antibiotics or poisons released. nanotouch-bullet nanotouch-bullet 
No liquids, gels or powders to be replenished.  nanotouch-bullet
Long useful life. Replacement is recommended at 30 to 90 day intervals depending on specific application.  nanotouch-bullet
Touchpoints are easily removed and replaced. Adhesive will not damage surfaces.  nanotouch-bullet
No tools or special skills for installation. Just peel and stick.  nanotouch-bullet
Can be customized with your brand and message. nanotouch-bullet
Improves public perception which can help HCAHPS results.  nanotouch-bullet
Patent-pending technology can also be used for printing posters, patient guides and other frequently handled educational materials.  nanotouch-bullet  nanotouch-bullet
Environmentally safe. No special disposal or storage requirements. nanotouch-bullet
Long storage life and minimal inventory footprint. nanotouch-bullet
Take-home packs and travel kits for patients (and as a general promotional item) can extend your brand outside of your healthcare facility.  nanotouch-bullet