Cleaner Surfaces... that Communicate

Non-critical surfaces have been largely ignored

nanoseptic-desk-skinIn today's healthcare facilities, the focus has been on critical and semi-critical surfaces, leaving the cleaning of non-critical surfaces largely ignored. And many of these surfaces aren't just exposed to patients and medical personnel, but to much broader sources of contamination like visitors, family, other patients and staff. Cleaning helps, but surfaces become dirty from the very next touch. Now there are NanoSeptic surfaces, the first products that work continuously and visually communicate where to touch and where to rest personal items. NanoTouch® products have a bioactive environmental surface, which continuously oxidizes organic material. It's easy-to-use, low-cost, clean, "green" and effective.

What's more, NanoTouch® products offer your organization a way to enhance your commitment to patients' well-being at every contact point. With our custom-branded solutions, you'll have another way to impact HCAHPS survey results and resulting reimbursement rates by improving perceived cleanliness. NanoSeptic facility touchpoint skins have a removable, repositionable, adhesive back, so you can put them wherever you want to deliver cleaner surfaces. And our mats can be used on tray tables, vanities and desks. They can also be used as a promotional item for the patient to take home...extending your brand...and mission, outside your facility.

The efficacy, safety, efficiency and ease of application make NanoSeptic products the clear leader in self-cleaning touch points.

Communicate Your Commitment

NanoTouch™ products speak to your patients, family, staff and visitors. Not only will they see your commitment in your facility, but by sending patients home with their own Nanoseptic mat, you'll extend your brand...and mission...outside of your facility, keeping positive aspects of their care front of mind.