Hotels, Airlines, Cruise Ships and Resorts

branded-nanoseptic-materialsNanoTouch™ products don't just provide your guests with self-cleaning surfaces, they provide a visible way for them to know you care. In the competitive world of hospitality, tourism and travel, customer perception plays a huge role. You can provide your housekeeping staff with the best training and procedures, and now you can show guests you're using the latest nanotechnology to keep their room as clean as possible.

Standard NanoTouch™ products include vanity mats which can also be used on night stands to provide a safer resting area for personal items. Other items include tv channel guides and door push pads and handle wraps for public area doorways.

And in the room or at checkout, offer a NanoTouch travel mat to take home, custom branded with your property's logo, extending your brand outside your facility. NanoTouch travel kits can also be a great up-sell in your lobby store.

If there are applications not listed here that you'd like to see, please contact us. In addition to custom branding, our product development team will work with you to create the right size and message for your custom application. contact us