NanoTouch Partners

The following companies have provided a level of knowledge and leadership in specific industry segments through their environmentally conscious commitment to creating a cleaner world that's healthier because of reduced usage of chemicals and poisons. We're proud to have NanoTouch products as a component of their business strategy.

n1 Health

n1health-logoHealth is an asset. Whether it's the health of your medical practice, your corporate team members, or your own personal health, you depend on it to function effectively every day. Without it, you could lose your livelihood, your profitability, or even years of your life.

What you may not realize is that, just like a financial asset, health can be not only managed, but created. All it takes is a partnership between a doctor and a patient, and a recognition that health cannot be created by merely reacting to disease as it appears. That's where n1Health comes in.

Their health asset management firms are advancing medicine into the next era by implementing proven tests and technologies and dedicating quality time for doctors and patients to work together to address health concerns.