Self-Cleaning Airports


NanoSeptic products are always on! Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NanoSeptic surfaces offer more than a way to provide travelers and airport staff with cleaner surfaces. It’s a way to visually communicate your commitment to their well-being at every contact point.

  • NanoSeptic facility touch points are easy-to-apply peel and stick skins for high traffic surfaces like door handles, door push pads and push bars.
  • NanoSeptic counter mats are perfect for check-in counters.
  • NanoSeptic travel mats, for use on airplane tray tables and hotel bathroom vanities, can be sold by the airport or its retailers.
  • And how about our ultra-durable security bin mat? Travelers will welcome this self-cleaning surface for their personal items... after someone else has put their dirty shoes in the same security bin.

Continuously self-cleaning NanoSeptic products use the latest material science rather than chemicals, poisons or heavy metals. Contact us today to learn more about how NanoTouch is helping to create self-cleaning airports.