Is the NanoSeptic surface affected by routine cleaning?

No. Routine cleaning with soap and water or other, even stronger, cleansers will not affect the efficacy of the surface. Just avoid abrasives that would damage or physically wear the surface. And the surface of NanoTouch products is super hydrophilic so that water, oils, dirt and other contaminants are actively shed. We've conducted tests with full strength bleach and the cleanser simply sheets right off. We've even put oil on the surface, and then gave it a quick rinse with water...all the oil was gone with no wiping. While our surfaces are self-cleaning at a microscopic level, they can still become soiled and even stained if exposed to things like coffee or wine.

Will my hand or toothbrush be clean after touching the NanoSeptic product?

No, the NanoSeptic surface is not a disinfectant or sanitizer. The purpose of our NanoTouch products is to reduce the likelihood that contaminants will be transferred from one contact to the next. And the fact that our products work continuously, means you'll have a cleaner resting area for personal items, reducing the likelihood that they will pick up contaminants on a bathroom vanity, tray table or other surface.

Why not just sterilize the entire environment?

First, NanoSeptic surfaces are not disinfectants or sanitizers so they don't address this issue. However, there's a broader mentality that we'd like to address while talking about cleaning and the use of cleaning chemicals. By trying to kill all microbes, many approaches kill the good microorganisms in our environment along with the bad. Our goal isn't to create a sterile world, it's to create a cleaner, greener world. By deploying targeted clean touch points and object resting areas, NanoTouch also changes people's behavior.

How does the NanoSeptic surface work?

The NanoSeptic surface utilizes several complex components which all work together. Our specialized fabrication process not only provides products that are durable enough to withstand routine cleaning, but also helps to accentuate the effectiveness of the ingredients and maximize the surface's self-cleaning action. The materials science we deploy, molecularly bonded on a nano-scale, provides a non-leaching, self-cleaning surface using a light-powered catalytic oxidation process. Nothing is released from the toxins, heavy metals or poisons.

If we have a hand washing policy and routinely clean surfaces, isn’t that good enough?

Hand washing and surface cleaning are essential. Certainly, NanoSeptic products won't replace these practices. However, after washing hands, using disinfectants like Purell®, and cleaning surfaces, contamination starts with the very next contact or with airborne contaminants. Our NanoSeptic surface works round the clock, unlike traditional chemicals and poisons which are one-time cleaners.

How long does the NanoSeptic surface last?

The NanoSeptic surface is very durable and continues to be effective as long as the surface is not physically worn. While most surfaces will last 6 or even 12 months, high traffic touch points or those in critical healthcare settings might benefit from replacement every 30-90 days. For education use or business and personal travel, a NanoTouch mat should easily last for an entire year.