NanoSeptic Facility Touchpoint Skins

Provide a cleaner environment for employees, customers, members, patients or guests


Sure you want a cleaner environment... you already clean, sanitize or disinfect surfaces regularly. But surfaces become contaminated with the very next touch or from airborne contaminants. And the NanoSeptic surface on our peel-and-stick touch points don't just continuously self-clean. These touch points communicate your commitment throughout your facility, affecting public perception. NanoTouch facility touch points are made from a unique adhesive-backed fabric which is durable, cleanable, removable and disposable. Available in standard sizes for door push pads, door handle wraps, door push bar pads, equipment and shopping cart handle wraps, and even disposable mouse pads. Just peel and stick.

  • NanoTouch™ Skins – flat surface, self-cleaning touch points.
  • NanoTouch™ Wraps – durable and pliable for use on high-contact handles.


  • Door push pads and bars
  • Door handle wraps
  • Grab bars and rails
  • Equipment handles
  • Cart handles

...or as a Unique Promotional Item

Our travel mats can be a great promotional item for a variety of businesses. Custom branded and individually wrapped...

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