NanoSeptic Surfaces

lab-sealThe efficacy, safety, durability and ease of use make NanoTouch products the clear leader in self-cleaning surfaces. Whether you're a hospital, cruise line, hotel or food service business wanting to take your facility's cleanliness to the next level, NanoTouch products never rest, working 24/7. When customized with your logo, our portable products will extend your brand and remind customers of your commitment to their well-being.

Using the latest generation of green chemistry, nanotechnology and material science, our NanoSeptic™ surfaces combines a strong biostatic effect with oxidizing action that is more powerful than bleach. And because the process uses a catalyst that is molecularly bonded to the base material, nothing is released from the surface and into the environment.

NanoTouch products and their NanoSeptic surfaces have been verified by independent lab tests. Want to see how NanoSeptic surfaces compare to traditional cleaning products and approaches...Click Here for our comparison.