NanoSeptic Mats

Counter mats and portable mats provide cleaner resting areas.


NanoTouch is the first and only maker of NanoSeptic™ products... the latest advancement in self-cleaning surfaces. With your logo, these mats, will not only extend your brand, but will show customers and prospects your commitment to their wellbeing...and it won't be thrown out or given away like many other promotional items.

Our mats work 24/7 to provide a cleaner place to rest personal items and even food. Our small travel mats come in a tamper-evident travel pouch. Our deluxe travel kit includes a large mat in a convenient travel tube that can also carry toothbrush, eye glasses or other personal items. And the tube has a loop that can be easily clipped to luggage or a backpack.

Use these mats on a reception desk, bathroom vanity, nightstand, desk, airline tray table or anywhere you want a cleaner spot to rest your toothbrush, glasses, medicines, or other personal items.

Perfect for healthcare, hospitality, food service, education and travel

Our design team will work with you to customize the NanoTouch™ vanity mat with your logo, further strengthening your image and extending your brand.

...or for touch points in a facility, building, cruise ship or even public transportation

Want to provide a variety of NanoSeptic touch points which will communicate your dedication to customer wellbeing? NanoTouch comes in a variety of sizes and formats to fit your needs.

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