NanoSeptic in running for Innovation of the Year at ISSA InterClean

ISSA 2016 Innovation Award Logo Paths

First, from a psychological standpoint, we created the only products available that make clean visible. Now people can identify the cleaner places to touch in a facility because they can see them. That feeling of safety and security has real business value.

Second, we wanted to break the cycle of simply using stronger chemicals and more dangerous poisons. So we used technology rather than toxins.

If you think our approach is innovative and want to help us win this prestigious award, we'd appreciate your vote.

You don't have to be an ISSA member to vote

If you already have an ISSA login, great! Just log in, go to the NanoSeptic Entry Page, and click the big green Vote button.

If you aren't an ISSA member or don't have a login, just go to the Create Account Page and fill in your information to create your FREE login. Just remember to select distributor, building service contractor, or internal service provider at the bottom of the form, since those are the only votes that will count. Then return to the NanoSeptic Entry Page and click the big green Vote button. You'll be asked to login with the information you just used to register.

That's all there is to it. The NanoSeptic self-cleaning surface represents the only truly innovative product...not just an incremental improvement in an existing product. It's the only product that makes clean visible and re-invents the concept of clean in a highly commoditized industry. We're going up against industry leaders so every vote counts. Only 48 hours left to vote...please don't wait! Thanks for your support.