Largest Private School In Virginia Goes NanoSeptic

Liberty Christian Academy Deploys NanoSeptic Surfaces Throughout Entire Facility

LCA initially put up a few touch points on doors and counters in their main lobby. Within the first week, the response from staff and parents was so encouraging they decided to deploy NanoSeptic surfaces in as many places as possible. Not only is the school using these self-cleaning surfaces to create a cleaner environment, but it is contributing to a feeling of safety and security among students, teachers and staff. And the relationship between the school and parents has benefited from the extra effort the school has gone to in providing a cleaner environment for their children.

When you find a product that not only creates a cleaner school, but also improves our image in the eyes of the parents, that's something special. Using nanotechnology powered self-cleaning surfaces in our school creates a cleaner environment and communicates our commitment to the wellbeing of students, teachers and visitors at every touch point.
-John Patterson, Superintendent


With almost 2,000 students in Pre-K through 12th grade, LCA not only decided to utilize a variety of NanoSeptic products, but they also promoted the concept to students, parents and staff with educational materials at the main entrance. The school outfitted all primary door touchpoints with NanoSeptic skins, deployed ultra-durable counter mats at the reception desks, and outfitted the entire computer lab with NanoSeptic mousepads. Other products that are being evaluated for future use are place mats for pre-schoolers and placemats for the cafeteria.